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In December 2019, Lobachevsky University signed an agreement on academic exchange of students and staff with the University of Ghent. This agreement lays the foundation for cooperation in various fields of medicine, including joint research projects,  joint seminars and conferences on various topics.

The development of relations with Russia is facilitated through the "Russian Platform" project at the University of Ghent, which aims to coordinate and promote cooperation in education and research. It should be noted that the International Affairs Department of Lobachevsky University is actively engaged with the "Russian Platform" in terms of information exchange and finding interested employees for joint projects.

Cooperation with the University of Ghent started in 2017, when the parties agreed to develop cooperation in the field of neurosciences and biology. Currently, a joint research project within the framework of the RNF project No.18-15-00279 "Mechanisms of cell death in photodynamic therapy of neurooncological diseases" is underway at Lobachevsky University. It is supervised by Dmitry Krysko, Professor of the University of Ghent, and Maria Vedunova, Director of the UNN Institute of Biology and Biomedicine.

The exchange agreement will strengthen ties between Lobachevsky University and the University of Ghent and will provide new opportunities for academic mobility.