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On April 3, 2019, according to the announcement from THE (Times Higher Education) University Impact Rankings, THE’s pioneering initiative to recognize universities across the world for their social and economic impact, Lobachevsky University was ranked in the 301+ group in the world and received high marks in all areas of sustainable development. In particular, Lobachevsky University  holds the position 101-200 in the categories “Creating infrastructure for innovation and industrialization”, “Reducing the level of inequality” and “Promoting the creation of an open society in the interests of sustainable development”.  Also, UNN holds the position  201+ in the categories “Promoting economic growth”, “Ensuring the openness and security of urban spaces” and “Ensuring rational consumption and production patterns”.

According to UNN Acting Rector, Kirill Markov, the fact that Lobachevsky University is noted in the new ranking in all the areas mentioned testifies to the success of the integrated system of the Nizhny Novgorod University’s  development in close conjunction with national objectives and global trends.

“The new ranking is interesting as an attempt to assess in a comprehensive manner and in detail the level of influence and the quality of universities’ activities in the world within the framework of sustainable development. This is a current global agenda today. We are pleased that the university’s activities in creating completely new conditions and opportunities for implementing breakthrough technologies in the interests of the state and society, improving the quality of education and developing international activities were highly appreciated,” notes Kirill Markov.