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For the second time, RAEX Agency has published subject rankings of Russian universities. In the new edition, the number of subjects covered has increased by 20% to 35 areas, including mathematics, a wide range of natural sciences and engineering specialties, social sciences and humanities, as well as pedagogy, medicine and agriculture. A total of 164 higher education institutions from 42 regions of Russia were included in the top lists (in 2022, the rankings included 136 educational institutions in 29 subject areas).

Lobachevsky University is featured in the 2023 rankings in 7 subject areas:

  • for the first time, UNN is ranked in political science and international relations;
  • in chemistry and biology, UNN is again among the top 10 universities in Russia;
  • in mathematics, physics, sociology and history and archaeology, UNN is among Russia's top 20 universities.

Subject rankings of Russian universities are based on an assessment of the three university missions - educational, scientific, and social. The rankings aim to answer the question: which universities provide the best educational and research training for students in a particular subject area, taking into account the university's contribution to social development. The rankings are based solely on objective indicators and do not use the results of expert surveys.