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nngu snova voshyol v premer ligu nacionalnogo agregirovannogo rejtinga

The website of the Independent Higher Education Assessment Aggregator has published the National Aggregate Ranking 2024. Once again, Lobachevsky University has entered the premier league, as it did last year. This year, UNN is ranked 18th, while in 2023 it was ranked 21st. This is the sixth time the ranking has been published becoming a unified scale for evaluating universities. It allows universities to compare their results and achievements with other educational institutions. In total, the ranking included 686 universities, which were divided into 10 leagues. Slightly less than half of educational institutions (303 HEIs) got into the green zone of success, 38% (266) got into the yellow zone of opportunities, and 27 HEIs were placed into the alarming zone.

In 2024, one fifth of HEIs (about 19%) improved their positions in the National Aggregate Ranking, 62% maintained their positions and 19% of HEIs slipped down. 19 HEIs have been keeping a high bar for the 6th year in a row. These are mainly the universities included in the Priority 2030 programme. The main peculiarity of the National Aggregate Ranking is that it includes almost all higher education institutions in Russia, which makes it possible to judge about the quality of education in the country as a whole, as well as for individual fields, regions, and sectors.