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The application of the Lobachevsky University team has won the competition of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for the best multilateral research project in priority areas of science, technology and innovation under the Framework Program of the BRICS. The joint research project of the Russian team with teams from India and Brazil is focused on the study of gallium oxide,  a promising material for new generation electronics and photonics. The project leader on the Russian side is Professor David Tetelbaum, leading researcher of the UNN PTRI.

The project "Research and development of nano-materials based on gallium oxide with controlled defect-impurity composition for applications in advanced electronic devices" is to develops at a qualitatively new level the results obtained in the joint Russian-Indian project on the study of ion beam synthesis of gallium nitride silicon-compatible dielectric matrices. In previous studies, composite layers of gallium oxide nanocrystals were obtained for specific combinations of ions and matrices, demonstrating record characteristics in terms of their photosensitivity. GaO₃ was recently placed on one of the first places for  its importance for micro- and nanoelectronics of the future generation. This requires the development of effective methods for obtaining this promising material with specified properties.

Active cooperation of research teams from Russia, India and Brazil in the framework of this project will contribute to the comprehensive development of relations between the scientists of the BRICS countries.