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In the framework of their research entitled “A standardized citation metrics author database annotated for scientific field”, a team of Stanford University scholars headed by Prof. John P.A. Ioannidis has created a publicly available database of 100,000 top scientists worldwide over their entire research career up to 2018 that provides standardized information on citations. Scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields.

In this database, Professor Claudio Franceschi occupies the leading position among Lobachevsky University scientists. He is included in the list of the world’s top 4,500 scientists, with his 858 published works in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, gerontology and clinical medicine. Claudio Franceschi is one of the leading researchers in the European project "Genetics of Healthy Aging in Europe"; he is Professor Emeritus of immunology at the Department of Experimental Pathology, University of Bologna (Italy), Head of the Research laboratory for healthy aging systems medicine at Lobachevsky University, Principal Investigator of the mega-grant project "Digital Personalized Healthy Aging: Network Analysis of Large Multi-Content Data to Search for New Diagnostic, Predictive, and Therapeutic Goals".

A high position in this ranking is held by Francesco dell’Isola, Professor of the Department of Structural and geotechnical engineering at La Sapienza  University of Rome (Italy). Francesco dell’Isola is also Head of the Research Laboratory for the problems of strength, dynamics and service life at Lobachevsky  University, Principal Investigator of the mega-grant project "Experimental investigation of materials in a wide range of velocities and temperatures in the presence of fields of non-mechanical nature".

The ranking of the most cited researchers also includes Lobachevsky University professors Mikhail Bochkarev, Arkady Pikovsky and Alexander Gorban (who is Principal Investigator of the grant project "Scalable network of artificial intelligence systems for analyzing the growing data dimensionality.")

According to the authors of this study, its results emphasize the importance of outstanding scientists’ work in the development of world science.