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model transportirovki gruzov na suda s pomoshchyu vetra predlozhili uchyonye nngu

Scientists at the Technology Transfer Centre of Lobachevsky University have developed a method for loading and unloading ships by using the wind speed at high altitudes. According to the computational model, the system will allow for lifting and moving cargo weighing up to 30 tonnes without the use of cranes, platforms or berths. The solution was patented in 2022.

According to project developers, it is possible to use the lifting force generated by a wind speed of 30-50 km/h. For this purpose, the cargo should be lifted using a helium balloon to a height of at least one kilometre above the ground. The cargo is then carried by means of winches, a lifting block and control cables to the ship or to land, using the pendulum principle.

"One of the main requirements for the system is a dish-shaped aerostat shell. It will provide increased lifting capacity and stability. The model is economical and simple, it does not require additional platforms, ships for transportation or a berth. It only requires three persons to operate it," said Vladimir Paltsev, co-author of the project and leading researcher at the UNN Technology Transfer Centre.

model transportirovki gruzov na suda s pomoshchyu vetra predlozhili uchyonye nngu 1

The authors of the project explain that the proposed transportation system is designed for situations where cargo needs to be moved in a short time and the required infrastructure is not available.

"Considering the immense length of Russia’s maritime border and its many rivers, loading and unloading of ships without port facilities is particularly relevant for Russia. The technology may also be in demand in South-East Asia and Oceania," Vladimir Paltsev noted.

The invention of Nizhny Novgorod scientists was awarded a gold medal at the 13th International Exhibition of Inventions in the Middle East. The event was held on 12-15 February 2023 in Kuwait and was attended by representatives of science, government and business circles from the Middle East, CIS, Europe and Africa.

"The project has attracted a lot of interest from Arab countries. Now we are planning to create a prototype and promote the solution on the domestic and foreign markets. The gold medal is a good incentive to move forward with the commercialisation of the project," commented Vladimir Paltsev.

It should be noted that the project is being implemented by the UNN Technology Transfer Centre as part of the Intelligent Transport Systems programme supported by a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.