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The Choir of Lobachevsky University under the direction of Larisa Erykalova took 89th place in the INTERKULTUR world ranking.  In total, 12 student and children's choirs from Russia were included in the top 100 list of choirs of the world. Together with the Choir of Lobachevsky University, the list also includes two groups of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, the Choir of the Popov Academy of Choir Arts, the Roganova Youth Chapel "Harmony" and the Academic Choir of the Ural Federal University. Among the top 50 of choirs performing popular music, the UNN Choir took 12th place.

"It is a great pride to represent Nizhny Novgorod among the best choirs in the world on a par with of our country’s professional teams. Our choir’s singers are students pursuing classical higher education, for whom music has become a favorite pastime. Our high position in the ranking is the result of hard work of our whole team and is also due to the support of the university management,” — underlines the artistic director of the choir Larisa Erykalova.

The world ranking of choirs was started in 2000 by the German society INTERKULTUR, the world leader in organizing international choir competitions and festivals since 1988. The most famous and large-scale event of the INTERKULTUR are the World Choir Games. The Choir of Lobachevsky University has won 9 gold medals of the World Choir Games in Austria, China, USA, Latvia, Russia and South Africa and is the champion of the IX World Choir Games.