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In the past quarter-finals of the World ICPC Student Championship, the UNN team comprising Nikolai Kalinin (UNN Advanced School of General and Applied Physics), Alexei Danilyuk and Valeria Ryabchikova (UNN IITMM) won a landslide victory solving all 14 problems out of 14 possible. The second UNN team that ranked 14th will also go to the semi-finals of the World ICPC Student Championship.

One more reason for the University to be proud is the victory of IITMM student Sergei Blintsov at the 12th international competition in the field of information and communication technologies “IT-planet 2018/19", which is one of the biggest contests in the field of IT held in Russia. The final stage was reached by 300 students and recent graduates who have shown the best results in the screening tests, in which more than 20 000 students took part during the 2018/19 academic year. Sergey is the winner in the section "Development of mobile applications." According to the young programmer, he presented at the Olympiad a solution for developing communication skills in persons  with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), entitled "Pictophone".

"Participation in the Olympiads and Hackathons helps to improve one’s knowledge and skills and to find new ways for developing innovative projects. I have great plans for implementing my own project at UNN. I want to thank the University for its support and to add that I will do my best so that my project could improve the lives of millions of people who need it," said Sergey Blintsov.

According to the Acting Rector of UNN Kirill Markov, high quality training in programming at the University provides students with excellent career prospects in the best global IT-companies.

"Our students every year show brilliant results at international programming championships, they regularly win silver and bronze medals. The University employs highly trained faculty members, we have authoritative scientific schools in the field of information technology and high-performance computing. We also pay great attention to the preparation of high school students in addition to our own students," Kirill Markov said.