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nngu prinyal uchastie v konferencii it core vremyadejstvovatvmeste

The IT Core #TimeToActTogether conference for IT specialists was held in Nizhny Novgorod. It was attended by over 700 participants - 220 in person and about 500 more online.

Lobachevsky University was represented by Mikhail Shiryaev, Vice-Rector for Innovation, Nikolay Zolotykh, Director of the Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics, and the university’s  lecturers and students.

The main goal of the conference was to bring together IT staff from major Russian high-tech companies with the aim of developing domestic solutions, and to achieve technological sovereignty in the field of IT in the new environment. The conference was also organised to facilitate the development of interaction strategies between the participating universities and Rosatom State Corporation for the training of IT personnel.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted at a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects that the training of IT personnel should now be kept under constant review.

Lobachevsky University is one of Rosatom's anchor universities. A digital centre is being established at the university, where students will receive practical training for their work at Rosatom. The company's own R&D solutions and software will be used in the training.

"One of the main discussion topics was ensuring Russia's technological sovereignty. Many forum participants spoke about the importance of fundamental education in the training of IT specialists. Modern technologies are undoubtedly important, but without foundations, we cannot ensure this technological sovereignty, nor can we train specialists who will quickly become oriented and adapt to new conditions. It is one thing for students to be told about the need for a fundamental education by a teacher. It is quite another thing when it is the opinion of the employer, in this case Rosatom. It is important for students, as the future workforce of our industry, to receive thorough training and quality fundamental education that will enable them to create or adapt sovereign software systems in the future," said Nikolay Zolotykh, Director of the UNN Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics.

Russia is now actively working to set up industrial centres of competence for replacing foreign digital products and solutions, including hardware and software systems. The goal is clear: all enterprises in key industries will have to switch to domestic software. To achieve this, we need a qualified workforce in Russia.