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Lobachevsky University has joined a multilateral agreement to develop the National Centre for Physics and Mathematics (NCPM). This was announced by Mikhail Ivanchenko, UNN Vice-Rector for Research, after a meeting with representatives of leading Russian universities and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF). The meeting was held on 8 June in Sarov. According to Mikhail Ivanchenko, the meeting participants signed a memorandum on joint research activities and the establishment of a network of joint basic departments and laboratories, including those involving the UNN.

"Historically, Lobachevsky University has had very strong links with Rosatom State Corporation and RFNC-VNIIEF: we cooperate both in supercomputing and mathematical models and in laser physics. RFNC-VNIIEF is home to our basic departments and laboratories. Therefore, we expect that our university will play a leading role in the new NCPM that is being created. We have agreed on joint research projects in a number of areas, including artificial intelligence, supercomputing, geophysics, physics of extreme light fields (laser topics), nuclear and radiation physics," said Dr. Ivanchenko.

The memorandum was signed by representatives of 17 Russia's leading institutions of higher education.

The National Centre for Physics and Mathematics is being created by ROSATOM, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute and Lomonosov Moscow State University in the form of a consortium. The creation of the centre was approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Sarov. The innovation cluster, with a technology base unique to Russian universities, will incorporate the world's leading practices in education and research and will become a point of attraction for scientists, young professionals and the best students of Russian universities.