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komanda studentov iehp nngu stala laureatom evrazijskoj studencheskoj olimpiady

The Belarusian State University hosted the on-site round of the 10th Eurasian Student Olympiad in Analytical Economics and Forecasting. The student team of the UNN Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship "UNN Analysts" under the guidance of Marina Kemaeva, Associate Professor of the Department of University Management and Innovation in Education, became the winners in the "Corporate Spirit" category.

Earlier these students showed excellent results in solving the correspondence round tasks and thus were invited to Belarus. 

The team included UNN IEE students Egor Tsvirkunov, Anton Mardatyev and Dmitry Petrov.

"The tasks of the on-site round were focused on solving applied problems in the field of optimising the location of production facilities, as well as analysing sales markets. This is not an easy task. The jury also noted the thorough preparation of the content and the quality of the presentation of our students’ project submitted for the off-site round of the Olympiad," said Marina Kemaeva.

More than 50 teams from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Belarus took part in the off-site round of the event. 15 teams from higher education institutions made it to the finals of the Olympiad.

The 10th Eurasian Student Olympiad in Analytical Economics and Forecasting is an intellectual competition aimed at stimulating students' interest in the study of economic sciences and tools of mathematical analysis of economic phenomena, fundamental economic and mathematical disciplines, which along with macro- and microeconomics form the basis of economic education. The Olympiad is held to identify and support talented young people, develop students' creative abilities, popularise scientific knowledge,  promote inter-academic relations of the BSU Faculty of Economics in Belarus and abroad.