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On December 1, the Research and Education Mathematics Centre «Mathematics for Future Technologies» was inaugurated at Lobachevsky University. The purpose of this unique Centre is to develop world-class mathematics research in the field of nonlinear dynamics and its applications, with a focus on the development of mathematical methods and computational technologies for addressing priority problems in various areas of natural science, ecology, medicine and technology. The Centre will also train highly qualified researchers in the fields of mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science and mechanics to develop new breakthrough technologies.

Viktor Gergel, Director of the UNN Institute of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Mechanics, spoke about the main components of the Mathematics Centre at the University: «Our Mathematics Centre created as a result of winning a tough competition is a sign of recognition of the Lobachevsky University’s mathematics school where research is carried out at the highest level. As part of the research programme of the Mathematics Centre, 15 research groups have been established, representing the UNN, the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Saratov State University. These groups will work in various fields of mathematics research, applied and computational mathematics. As a prime example, we should mention the research on artificial intelligence and supercomputer applications, which continues the traditions of the Andronov scientific school. There is a lot of work to be done, but in any case, the country’s best supercomputer, Lobachevsky, will always help. We have a lot to strive for!»

Evgeny Mareev, Deputy Director for Research of the IAP RAS, noted the importance of young scientists’ participation in the development of science: «I am pleased to take part in the opening of this grant-funded Mathematics Centre. This proves the authority of Nizhny Novgorod researchers representing higher education institutions. The cooperation established between Lobachevsky University and other institutes is an imperative of the time. A key role in the Mathematics Centre will be played by young scientists. All key tasks will be performed by young researchers, who lay an important foundation for future discoveries.»

Dmitry Balandin, Head of the new «Mathematics for Future Technologies» Centre, had this to say about his desire to create a new future: «The Ministry of Education and Science is concerned about mathematics research that has been of little practical use. In support of faculty members and young researchers, it was decided to create a network of mathematics centres. To date, 13 centres have been established. A symbolic moment in the opening of our Centre is that today, 1 December, is an important date for our University — the birthday of the great scientist Nikolai Lobachevsky. Under his caring wing, so to speak, we are ready to create, research and study what will be the basis for the development of industry, ecology, economics and medicine».

There is no doubt that the Centre can bring tangible benefits not only to the Volga Federal District, but also to the whole of Russia