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prilozhenie ehmocionalnoe vygoranie nngu 

A mobile app for diagnosing emotional burnout was developed by Lobachevsky University researchers. Based on automatic analysis of cardiograms, the digital service determines a patient's emotional state. Early diagnosis makes it possible to prevent overwork, stress, depression, nervousness, aggression, and can also be used in the complex treatment of mental disorders and headaches.

Psychophysiologists expect this innovation to be a new step in overcoming emotional burnout syndrome. A digital signal from a remote ECG sensor is transmitted to a mobile app, and a specially trained artificial neural network analyses the level of emotional maladaptation as measured by heart rate variability.
The neural network algorithm is based on the results of emotional state testing with simultaneous ECG recording in a large number of volunteers. The Nizhny Novgorod scientists identified universal markers of negative emotions that do not require calibration for a particular user.

The app diagnoses four states: bliss-relaxation, mobilisation, irritation and fatigue-exhaustion. Unlike known counterparts, this new application allows negative emotions to be recorded and the emotional state to be continuously monitored. At the same time, the information is stored and transmitted using the original Stressmonitor software, which controls the recording of cardiorhythmogram and visualizes the dynamics of a person’s functional state.

"The mobile app will be useful for companies that work with large numbers of people, as well as for educational organisations and the sports sector. We hope that the result of our work will be a new step in overcoming emotional burnout syndrome, the scourge of the 21st century," explains Sofia Polevaya, the author of the research, Head of the UNN Department of Psychophysiology.

According to Dr. Polevaya, the developed service will make it possible to create a repository of personal emotional histories, perform stress management and create comfort maps of the real environment and virtual content.

This app was jointly developed by scientists from the UNN Faculty of Social Sciences, the UNN Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics, and the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was patented in May 2022.