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The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) has announced the winners of the competition for early-career scientists “My First Grant”. The winners list of the 2018 competition includes 24 projects of young scientists from the UNN. The aim of the competition is to involve young scientists in active basic research, to create conditions for conducting independent research work on the most important problems of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, and to help them develop the necessary skills for leading a research team.

The competition was held in the following areas: mathematics, mechanics; physics and astronomy; chemistry and materials science; biology; Earth science; information and communication technologies and computer systems; fundamental engineering sciences; history, archeology, ethnology and anthropology; economics; philosophy, political science, sociology, jurisprudence, social history of science and technology, science of science; philology and art criticism; psychology, fundamental problems of education, social problems of health and human ecology; global problems and international relations; fundamental principles of medical sciences; fundamental principles of agricultural sciences.

Under the terms of the competition, the projects must be completed within two years. The winners will get grants amounting to 500,000 roubles to implement their project during the first year. More details can be found at the RFBR website: http://www.rfbr.ru/rffi/ru