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novyj partnyor prisoedinilsya k rossijsko kitajskoj programme nngu 

In September 2022, the UNN Centre for Educational Programs for Foreigners welcomed 7 students from Zhengzhou University who came to Lobachevsky University under the international programme of studying Russian as a foreign language for students of partner universities in the People's Republic of China. This is the first group of students from Zhengzhou University, our new partner.

The programme has been implemented since 2016 for students from Chinese partner universities of UNN, including Shanghai University of Politics and Law, Sichuan University, Sichuan University of Foreign Languages,  as well as other institutions of higher education. It gives Chinese students who study Russian an opportunity to undergo advanced training at Lobachevsky University to improve their language skills.

The trainees have shared about their reasons for studying the Russian language and Russian culture:

"I love the Russian language because I like Russian literature. I like reading Chekhov and Pushkin. Also, I think Russian architecture is very beautiful, like the Kremlin, for example. Above all, I admire Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin because I think he is a great man," says Liu Leyi.

"I am studying Russian because I watched Russian films as a child. I came to Russia because I want to learn more about the Russian way of life and improve my phonetics and listening comprehension of the Russian language," shares Ding Peixuan.

"Russian is a difficult but beautiful language. It is changing all the time. Russia is a big and majestic country. It has a famous history, delicious food and magnificent natural scenery. And also kind people. I want to benefit from living in Russia and improve my Russian," says Yao Hengjie.