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nikita avralev prezentoval opyt nngu po vovlecheniyu shkolnikov v nauku

The experience of Lobachevsky University is a good example of cooperation between higher education and additional education, which can be scaled across the country. This was stated by Olga Petrova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia, during an interdepartmental meeting focused on the project of mass involvement of school students in science and technology activities in 2022-2024.

Nikita Avralev, UNN Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, told the meeting about the University's cooperation with organisations of additional education for children and successful projects to involve school students in science and technology activities.

"For many years we have been working with school students starting from the first grade. We have special programmes for younger children and laboratories for high school students, where really serious engineering problems are set and solved, and project work is conducted," said Nikita Avralev.

He noted that the popularity of project activities and the corresponding demand from schools is currently on the rise.

"The field of action is very wide. We cooperate closely with schools and all the key organisations of additional education. Project initiatives really fascinate children who come back to school with a new motivation. They are motivated to acquire the theoretical knowledge they lack for solving a practical problem. And they begin to study better! This is how the project approach works," Nikita Avralev pointed out.