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The Open Day was held at Lobachevsky University on 17 April 2022. Around 2,000 high school students and their parents took part in the event both in person and online. The guests of honour were David Melik-Guseynov, Deputy Governor and Minister of Health of the Nizhny Novgorod region, and Olga Petrova, Minister of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

"As someone who has spent about 30 years of my life at Lobachevsky University, I am of course very pleased to see so many people who gathered here today for our Open Day. And it's right, because when you choose your dream university, where you want to get a prestigious education, you need to feel it, understand it, see it with your own eyes. Lobachevsky University is a participant of all possible support and development programs initiated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, winner of the megagrant competition, participant in large-scale research in partnership with other universities and research centres across Russia and worldwide, which ensures its strong resources, well-equipped advanced laboratories and, therefore, the highest level of education and science. And, of course, UNN is proactive in working with employers in the Nizhny Novgorod region and beyond. Graduates of our university are in great demand in a wide range of specialties, many students are recruited by employers as early as their third year, and they combine their studies with practical work," said Olga Petrova.

Elena Zagaynova, Rector of Lobachevsky University, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech:

"Dear school students, dear parents! I am very glad to welcome you at our home, at our university. We, today's team, want you to feel at home both today and later, when you come to study with us. What is Lobachevsky University today? It is literally a combination of things you can' t quite put together. We've managed to preserve the best of our century-old traditions, the fundamental pillars of our scientific schools, the quality of Soviet education, and to impart to them new, modern forms. This includes digital competencies, soft skills, direct interaction with employers during the studies and a truly unlimited number of opportunities to develop one's abilities. Lobachevsky University is a major scientific, educational, social, cultural, sports, volunteering and international centre. Here, within the walls of a classical university, you can choose your aim in science and achieve success in this field, you can choose practically any specialty that exists today and become a true professional, you can show your talents and become famous. The choice is yours, but I warn you not only as a rector, but also as a student's mother: the university will fill you to the brim, it will become the most important thing for you, you will study and create from morning till night, without a day off. I think it's wonderful!"

The Open Day ceremony started with the University Choir performing several compositions, including the student anthem "Gaudeamus".

Presentations were also made by Alexander Knyazev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, and Roman Zolotov, Head of the Competence Development and Career Design Department. They spoke about the opportunities offered by Lobachevsky University, including quality higher education, professional self-determination and employment.

After the main ceremonial part, the presentation of faculties and institutes continued in separate lecture rooms of the university, where young people and their parents received information about the areas of study and all the particularities of admission to the university in 2022-2023.