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On 12 November, the Department of Management in Sports of the UNN Faculty of Physical Education and Sports held an international theoretical and practical conference "Priorities for the development of sports, tourism, education and science". The conference also includes a regional stage of the competition in the framework of the Olympic scientific session of young scientists and students in Russia.

Elena Letyagina, Deputy Dean of the UNN Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, noted: "For three years, we have been selecting the best works of our students for this competition to represent our university in the Moscow Olympic Committee. We have the experience of winning this competition and we hope for our success this year."

"This conference for young researchers is a good tradition at Lobachevsky University. It is a real breakthrough for students who are trying to find their place in the world of sports science. Our expert assessment should help young people to improve their research and present their home university at the next competition stage showing high results," said Alexander Gutko, Head of the Department of Game Sports at the UNN Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.

Following the conference, an electronic collection of research papers will be published, it will be indexed in the Russian Scientific Citation Index database