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200 studentov i predstavitelej kreativnyh industrij sobral forum obnovlyaem mir

The regional creative educational forum "Renewing the World" took place in Nizhny Novgorod for the first time on December 20. More than 200 creative students from Nizhny Novgorod universities and representatives of creative industries from all over the country attended  the event organised by Lobachevsky University at the Record Cultural Centre.

"Today, Lobachevsky University announces that it is starting to implement a new area of studies,  the training of  professional staff for creative industries. UNN is a classical university, it offers all the main areas of training, with disciplines in both the natural sciences and the humanities that complement each other. At this junction of different sciences, different kinds of knowledge, and different approaches, something new always emerges. This is why we are building our new division - the Higher School of Arts and Design - on this basis, on the solid foundation of our history of more than a hundred years.  As part of the Priority 2030 programme, we are implementing the "Creative Personality" strategic project. The focus is on the following issues: how to evaluate a person's creative potential, is it possible to develop it, and how does creativity manifest itself in those from the humanities and the natural sciences? Our experts from various fields - philologists, psychologists, historians, sociologists, mathematicians, programmers, designers, management experts - are implementing a number of research and educational projects aimed at finding answers to these questions. Together, with the support of our partners, we hope for the success of this new endeavour," said Elena Zagaynova, UNN Rector, at the opening ceremony of the forum.

The organisers of the "Renewing the World" forum have prepared an extensive educational programme for the participants in four areas: "Design Day 2050", "Creative Clusters and Public Spaces", "Digital Technology in Art", and "Engineers of the Future".

200 studentov i predstavitelej kreativnyh industrij sobral forum obnovlyaem mir 1

The forum concluded with an awards ceremony for the winners of the hackathon "Create: Assess and Develop" and a cultural programme.