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biovozrast копия

Do you wants to know how old your body is? Our application will help you to find out your biological age! That's a promising phrase to start exploring BioAgeCalculator, a unique mobile application developed by Lobachevsky University (available on Google Play). The app will allow anyone to find out their real biological age. It is well understood that the date of birth in one's ID is not always an objective indicator of a person's health and ability to work.

There are a lot of methods to estimate one's biological age. Researchers at Lobachevsky University verified one of the most accessible options at the first stage of the study - determining age using the PhenoAge model (Levine et al., 2018), which is based on known indicators from general and biochemical blood tests. To prove that the model works for Russians, a large-scale study was conducted on different groups of people in the Nizhny Novgorod region, which included healthy volunteers as well as long-living persons and those with accelerated aging. The scientists point out that of most interest is the data of biological age calculation over several years and recommend taking the test once a year to monitor changes in the body's condition.

The team of researchers from the UNN Institute of Biology and Biomedicine and the Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics went on to carry out the first epigenetic study in Russia to look for markers of age-related pathologies. These data formed the basis for the development of an application to estimate age using epigenetic markers (methylation of CpG sites). The epigenetic clock is a kind of genetic chronometer, and this way of determining age is the most accurate and up-to-date at present. Best of all, it is an application that can be used by anyone. It requires taking a blood test and a DNA methylation marker test on the same day, using a diagnostic system. By downloading the results of these tests into the age calculator, you can find out your real biological age and, if necessary, pay more attention to your health and lifestyle, and correct the aging process.

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