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Science Picnic"42" is an open-air meeting of all those who love science and technology: we listen to presentations made by scientists and popularizers, we communicate, we get acquainted with new interesting people and discuss what we heard. Our histories are first and foremost about people: scientists, engineers, researchers and enthusiasts of science - these are our heroes whom we want to give the floor and whom we want to introduce to you. Therefore, the main events of our picnic are popular science lectures. There will be plenty of them, and they will all be very different, so that everyone can find a topic of their liking. The lectures will be presented by Nizhny Novgorod scientists and by leading Russian popularizers of science. A special workshop on scientific journalism will be organized for those who always wanted to become a popularizer. The main program of the event is aimed at the audience of 12+, however, there will be a large children's area on the grounds where children will be able to see how science works. In addition, an open-air cinema for children (and not only for them!) will be open during the whole day.

 The festival is organized by the UNN Science Park "Lobachevsky Lab".

Date and venue: August 25, the UNN campus, Prospekt Gagarina, 23.

 Admission is free!