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On November 18,  the battle of young scientists "Science Slam Nizhny Novgorod" will take place at the Record Cultural Centre. The event making part of the international science communication project will be held in our city for the 14th time. In an informal atmosphere, five young scientists will  tell the audience about their discoveries in various fields of science. Each participant will have just ten minutes to talk about their research in an entertaining and easy-to-follow way. The presentation is judged by the audience - by means of applause.

This time, presentation topics are:

  • "How to dismantle a nuclear power plant" - Daria Zimina;
  • "Sun to every home or radiant heating in a nutshell" - Alexander Smykov;
  • "Find me: how infrared radiation helps detect a tumour in the brain" - Ksenia Achkasova;
  • "451 degrees Fahrenheit: manuscripts do not burn" - Maxim Sysoev;
  • "Mouse rendezvous, or How a game of lego with rodents will rid the world of depression" - Vlada Tulyavko.

After each presentation, members of the audience will be able to ask questions, and the authors of the best question will receive gifts. Ekaterina Moshtyleva, winner of last year's "Science Slam Nizhny Novgorod", will open the evening with the topic "Pauses in speech as forensic evidence: nothing or something?"

Before the Science Slam begins, SOTA+ will present its new video installation Nebula, which explores the topic of nebulae in outer space. The installation will be accompanied by a set of electronic music from DJ NAZIN.

Event organisers: UNN Science Park Lobachevsky Lab, Lobachevsky University. Partners of the event: Atomic Energy Information Centre of Nizhny Novgorod, VKontakte, The Village Nizhny Novgorod, GEO.PRO Nizhny Novgorod.

Date and time: November 18, 18.00

Venue: Record Cultural Centre (11/7 Piskunov St.)

Please note: Admission to the event requires vaccination certificates, multi-passes or certificates of immunization! These requirements do not apply to minors.

To register for the event, follow the link.

You can also watch the live broadcast of "Science Slam Nizhny Novgorod" in the UNN Science Park community VKontakte.

Any questions about the event may be addressed to Maria Petrova by phone: 8-910-796-33-66 (naukann.ru, vk.com/sciencenn).