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At the exhibition "Russian Digital Week" in Warsaw (Poland),  Russian IT experts, analysts, online marketers, representatives of large companies and promising startups presented their projects and research and development results in the field of digital industry. They also told their European colleagues how the digital sphere is developing in the Russian Federation. The interactive exhibition continued a series of events in Europe dedicated to the Russian digital industry and held under the auspices of Rossotrudnichestvo. “The "Russian Digital Week" is a completely new format for showcasing the Russian advances in the digital economy. Two events of this series were already held in Brussels and Rome and were highly appreciated by our foreign colleagues," said Eleonora Mitrofanova,  Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo.

During the exhibition, representatives of Russian startups and large IT companies presented their developments and products in the fields of medicine, education, robotics, telecommunications industry, etc. One of the exhibits that was in the focus of visitors’ interest was an example of "smart" clothing, a special T-shirt with integrated sensors that register muscle activity developed at Lobachevsky University.

This smart T-shirt serves to record, monitor and visualize the muscle activity. The monitor connected to the system shows which of the muscles work more under strain. The sensors also send appropriate signals when the muscles are loaded insufficiently. This system can be useful in the rehabilitation of patients, in sports medicine, etc. The clothes of the future, unmanned transport, digital technologies in education, as well as Russian digital economy in general were the topics covered by Russian representatives in their lectures. The exhibition "Russian Digital Week" in Warsaw completed a series of lectures, workshops and exhibitions that were also held in Brussels and Rome.