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On the 1st September 2018 the implementation of the project of the European Commission Programme in the field of European integration studies "Module Jean Monnet" (Erasmus plus) "European labour law: protection of the citizens’ rights" starts at the Faculty of Law of Lobachevsky University.

The project was developed by docent of the Department of civil law and procedure of the Faculty of Law Irina Filipova with the support of the Center for international projects and programs. The period of projects’ implementation is three years.
This project includes implementation of the educational module "European labour law: protection of citizens' rights" into the faculty’s educational process; organization of seminars series for Trade Union representatives and employers on the observance and protection of workers social and economic rights; organization of round tables for representatives of the scientific community and practitioners in order to discuss the experience of the European Union in the field of labor law and opportunities for its use in Russia. The labor law in Russia and a number of European Union countries has many common features and refers to a single model of legal regulation of labor. That is why practical experience of the EU member-states can help to resolve problems related to the implementation of citizens’ labor rights of in Russia.
The Erasmus plus Jean Monnet Programme is aimed at increasing knowledge about European integration processes through teaching, research and debate on topics related to the EU history, politics, economy and legislation, as well as EU relations with other regions of the world. The main objective of the programme is to introduce the European dimension into higher education systems.