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Polina Galstyan, psychologist of the UNN Centre for Social and Psychological Support of Students, will conduct a training session for international students "Overcoming Exam Fear" on May 26. The training will begin at 16:00 at the House of Friendship (23 Gagarin Ave., Building 1 of Lobachevsky University).

A student's emotional state before an exam has a complex structure. The anticipation of the upcoming test, the intense excitement, the encounter with difficult tasks and desperate situations - all these factors can affect

the working mood.

It can be particularly difficult for international students: being away from their home country and family, having to deal with a different mentality and a different language can have a negative impact on stress levels. Therefore, stabilising one's emotional state before the exam session is also an important aspect of preparing for exams.

Objectives of the training session include:

  • To identify the psychological aspects of the difficulties in preparing for exams, to share with each other, to show empathy and receive support;
  • To learn about methods of psychological self-regulation before an exam;
  • To acquire methods of self-regulation of one's emotional state;
  • To have a discussion and a group reflection.

The Centre for Social and Psychological Support of Students functions at the UNN Faculty of Social Sciences. It was created to support students' psychological health and prevent social maladjustment.