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startoval unikalnyj proekt posly russkoj kultury

Lobachevsky University takes part in the implementation of a new project initiated by  the volunteer movement "Integration" and supported by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

The project, educational foresight "Ambassadors of Russian Culture", focuses on intercultural interaction between Russian and foreign participants and includes educational and practical modules.


The educational part aims at developing Russian students' intercultural skills. Teachers of Russian as a foreign language of the UNN Institute of Philology and Journalism conduct training sessions on the topics "Speak Easy and Simple!", "Diversity, Equality and Inclusion", "Kaleidoscope of Cultures" and prepare future ambassadors of Russian culture for communicating with foreigners.

"The project is aimed at developing unique competencies in Russian students. They not only gain experience in communication, but also, through educational trainings, they learn how to make a competent statement, learn about the behaviour of people from other cultures and their diversity, simulate problematic communication situations and ways to resolve them, work in a team, and demonstrate their leadership qualities," said Anna Ngoma, Associate Professor at the UNN Institute of Philology and Journalism.

A series of practical workshops will take place at the end of February, for which unique parcels were sent to the Republic of Serbia. 40 students from Isidora Sekulic Gymnasium (Novi Sad, Serbia) received individual boxes with books, matryoshkas, Russian traditional games and much more, and are now looking forward to online meetings with their new Russian friends to learn more about Russia, the mentality of Russian people and Russian culture.