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2018 10 29 09 45 53

The Second International Workshop on Nanoelectronic Memristive Devices for Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing – MEM-Q was held in Crete (Greece) from October 27 to October 31, 2018.
It was organized in the framework of the Russian-Greek project “Research and development of memristive nanomaterials and electronic devices for quantum and neuromorphic computations”, which is carried out jointly by Lobachevsky University (coordinator from Russia), the National Center for Scientific Research Research "Democritus" (coordinator from Greece), Thracian University of Democritus, the University of Patras and the Foundation for Research and Technology "Hellas". The workshop brought together more than 40 leading scientists working in the field of memristive nanomaterials and systems. The topics of the workshop covered ReRAM and memristor devices, materials and applications as well as new computing paradigms like neuromorphic computing, in-memory computing, quantum computing etc.

The event culminated in a special section on multistable stochastic systems, organized as part of a grant from the Government of the Russian Federation intended to set up the StoLab laboratory at Lobachevsky University under the guidance of Bernardo Spagnolo, a leading Italian scientist whose plenary report opened the section’s sessions. A large delegation from Lobachevsky University and Kurchatov Institute demonstrated significant progress in the development and creation of new generations of electronic devices and neuromorphic technologies of artificial intelligence based on memristive materials. The UNN and Kurchatov Institute representatives who took an active part in the scientific program and organizational events, also exchanged research results with Greek partners and coordinated their work plans in the framework of joint projects. Agreements on academic cooperation and student exchange between the UNN and the National Center for Scientific Research "Democritus" have been signed.