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A science popularization festival was held on October 4-5 at the National Research Technological University "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys" ("MISiS"). The delegation of Lobachevsky University included Maria Ageeva, Deputy Director of the Institute of Biology and Biomedicine (IBBM), Evgenia Isupova, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Physics, and students Alyona Kosova (IBBM) and Alexandra Gusakovskaya (the Institute of Philology and Journalism). UNN representatives took part in all festival events: lectures on the role of the university in the organization of research and education; speeches by producers of popular science projects; tours of the MISiS University; Days of science cinema 2018; All-Russian Science Slam University, where an excellent example was shown how to make science accessible and interesting to a wide audience. During the panel discussion with representatives of major companies, such as Sberbank, Invitro, Nuclear Industry Information Center, the festival participants learned about the problems encountered by these companies in conducting popular science campaigns with universities. Representatives of the companies also noted the high demand for qualified personnel, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. UNN delegation members will make sure that the knowledge they gained in the field of science popularization is applied in scientific and educational activities at Lobachevsky University making them more diverse and interesting.