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A delegation of the UNN Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship (IEE) headed by its Director Alexander Grudzinsky visited the Faculty of Economics at the University of Rennes-1 (France) to discuss and develop a double-degree Bachelors program in economics. Currently, both universities are already engaged in a student exchange program providing for one-semester exchanges. The upgrading of this program to the level of a double-degree program will contribute to the implementation of the indicators set for Lobachevsky University within the framework of the Competitiveness Enhancement Program. In the course of the visit, the IEE delegation had working meetings with Eric Avenel, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Pierre Van de Weghe, Vice President of the University of Rennes-1 for International Relations. The delegation also met with students of the Rennes-1 Faculty of Economics and made a presentation of the student exchange program and the double-degree program.