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Oleg Trofimov, Rector of Lobachevsky University, and Alexander Bedny, Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Networking, were among a large delegation of Russian universities taking part in the business programme of the 11th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, which took place from 26 to 28 June in the cities of Vitebsk, Novopolotsk and Polotsk. The theme of this large-scale event in 2024 was "The Role of Interregional Cooperation in Building an Innovative Economy of the Union State".

The section "Innovations in Higher Education and Science: Experience and Prospects of the Union State Cooperation" presented the experience of Lobachevsky University’s Advanced Engineering School "Space Communication, Radar and Navigation" in the field of advanced space and telecommunication research and technologies, as well as some cases of successful interaction with industrial partners.

Signing ceremonies were also held to conclude agreements on scientific and educational cooperation and student exchanges with new partner universities: Sukhoi Gomel State Technical University and the Institute of Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. The existing agreement with the Belarusian State University, which has been cooperating with UNN since 2009, was renewed by the parties.

According to UNN Rector Oleg Trofimov, such events create an atmosphere of productive dialogue and high-quality exchange of experience between the universities of the Union State: "New agreements are new opportunities for each party. Taking into account the previously concluded agreements, Lobachevsky University has already established partnership relations with 13 scientific, educational and sports organisations in Belarus. We have a great number of joint plans".