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Foreign students of Lobachevsky University took a part in the annual online friendship festival organized by the Moscow State University. This year, the festival was named "Native Land's Beauty" and was dedicated to the Year of Ecology. At the qualification stage, the participants were asked to write an essay on a given topic. Having demonstrated good results during the qualification stage, all UNN representatives were admitted to the final stage of the festival, where each participant was required to present a video recording of their performance: a song or melodeclamation of a poem about some natural beauties in their native country or in Russia.
The jury awarded the Diplomas of festival winners to the student of the Institute of International Relations and World History Diego Andres Gutierrez Villeda (El Salvador) and to the student of the UNN preparatory department Martin James Sawyer (Great Britain). Preparatory department students Lin Tingyu, Zhou Zhuolin and Zhang Jialing from China, and Hasan Khder from Syria, who presented his poem "How to Love Your Motherland" about Russia, were named among the prize-winners and laureates of the festival.