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20190514 163652

According to the subject ranking of scientific productivity in the field of "Computer Science"  published by the analytical center "Expert", Lobachevsky University has been listed at position 9 among Russian universities, thus retaining its high standing of the previous year. According to Acting Rector Kirill Markov, the university has developed a powerful research potential in the field of programming and high-performance computing.

“55 years ago, the country’s first Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics was opened at Lobachevsky University. In 2014, the Lobachevsky supercomputer was launched at UNN, one of the top 30 university supercomputers in the world in terms of computing power. Every year, our students show brilliant results at world programming championships, winning silver and bronze medals on a regular basis. The high quality of training of programmers graduating from our University provides them with excellent career prospects in the world's best IT companies,” emphasized Kirill Markov.

The compilers of the ranking consider universities in 14 subject areas: engineering, computer science, mathematics, materials science, earth sciences, social sciences, chemical technology, chemistry, physics, energy, humanities, life sciences, economics and medicine. Each subject ranking includes universities, which accounted for at least 0.5% of the total number of Russian scientific articles published during the period of the last four years (2015-2018) in journals indexed by the international scientific citation database Scopus.