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From June 18 to June 21, David Tetelbaum, Leading Researcher at the UNN PTRI, took part in the XII International Conference on Ion Implantation and Other Applications of Ions and Electrons (ION 2018) in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland. The conference is traditionally organized by the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (Lublin, Poland). Professor Tetelbaum is considered to be one of the founders of this direction in science and technology both in Russia and in the world. He presented at the conference two reports on new applications of ion implantation for synthesizing new nano-dimensional phases in silicon for the modification and testing of memristive devices. The results presented at the conference were obtained within the framework of the State Assignment (No. 16.2737.2017/4.6) and the Russian-Greek project "Research and Development of Membrane Nanomaterials and Electronic Devices Based on them for Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing" (MEM-Q)" performed at the Laboratory of Physics and Technology of Thin Films of the UNN PTRI Department of Solid-State Electronics and Optoelectronics.
On the part of conference participants, there was much interest in these reports, which testifies to the relevance of the results obtained at Lobachevsky University and confirms its advanced positions in this area of science. More than 100 reports were presented at the conference (19 invited, 13 oral and 57 poster presentations, and 14 oral presentations of early-career researchers) on various aspects of physics and applications of ion implantation, providing a fairly complete picture of the current state of this field of science and technology.