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professor nngu stala pobeditelem konkursa zolotye imena vysshej shkoly

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation held an awarding ceremony for the winners of the All-Russian contest "Golden Names of Higher Education".

Tatyana Mukhina. Professor of the Department of Social Security and Humanitarian Technologies at the UNN Faculty of Social Sciences, won the award in the category "For Contribution to Science and Higher Education".

Andrey Omelchuk, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, opened the event with a speech, thanking all those present and emphasising the importance of the work of the higher education teaching staff.

Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Olga Petrova made welcoming remarks and thanked the teachers for their work and contribution to science, noted the importance of higher education, which serves as a unifying element of the whole chain of learning. She also pointed out  that every teacher is a mentor who passes on knowledge and experience to both young professionals and students, giving them the right guidance and helping them to build a path to the future.

"It is very important to have such Golden Names close to our students who help and inspire strength and faith. For young teachers who come to a university department, their seniors also become mentors who will support them. Only then, having travelled all the way, one becomes aware of the mission - to carry knowledge, to teach, and this is something that not everyone can do. There is no one in higher education who works without their heart and soul, because students feel sincerity and caring. This is the guarantee that everything works out, our higher education develops and responds to all emerging challenges", said Olga Petrova.

On the same day, the 6th National research and practice session "Best Practices of the Winners of the All-Russian Contest "Golden Names of Higher Education" - 2023" was held, where the best educational practices were discussed and strategic guidelines for development were outlined.