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21 0518 2 корпус 037

The Interfax International Information Group has presented its annual National University Ranking (NUR) for 2021 where Lobachevsky University ranks 22nd. 

NUR evaluated the performance of 341 universities in Russia, including 29 national research universities, 10 federal universities, 33 flagship universities, 11 non-state universities, and 21 universities participating in the Project 5-100. According to the ranking, Lobachevsky University  has improved its standing in the following categories: "Research", "International and Interregional Cooperation" and "Innovation and Entrepreneurship".

The consolidated National University Ranking 2021 is an arithmetic result of six parametric ratings: Education, Research, Social Environment, International and Interregional Cooperation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University Brand. The objectives of the annual study are to evaluate the activities of modern Russian universities, meeting the best international standards; to develop a channel of communication between the academic community of the country and the mass audience; to search for new methods and technologies for evaluating institutions in the fields of education, R&D, innovation and social development.