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As part of the International Researcher Development Week, Anton Konakov, researcher of the Laboratory of high-power fiber lasers and laser systems of near and middle IR ranges, visited Granada University. The Researcher Development Week is a one-week event for researchers and academics as well as policy officers in charge of research and knowledge transfer at the partner universities of the University of Granada. It is financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ International Dimension Programme (E+ ICM). The aim of the meeting is to promote the internationalization of research and knowledge transfer bringing together academics and researchers from all over the world. The participants also had the opportunity to meet local research groups and to explore possibilities for opening new paths for collaboration.

The event gathered more than 160 faculty members and researchers of 23 countries from many parts of the world (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Israel, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.). Participants were given a broad overview of the University of Granada, one of the oldest universities in Europe, and its many international programs, opportunities for academic mobility, master and postgraduate study programs, as well as the implementation of technology transfer. During the week, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the School of Information Technologies and Telecommunications, the Medical Faculty shared their experience with the guests. Particular attention was paid to interdisciplinary research in the field of biology and biomedicine. The participants also visited the Center for shared use of scientific equipment that provides opportunities for scientists from other universities to perform comprehensive analytical studies of physical, chemical and biological objects.