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Businesslandia is a project that won the All-Russian Youth Project Competition held by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. It will run from May to November 2022 and is aimed at providing co-working space for future entrepreneurs, civil servants and journalists.

At the Boiling Point of Lobachevsky University, representatives of the key spheres of today's social life - future entrepreneurs, civil servants and journalists - will learn how to overcome value, language and semantic barriers in business communication, based on cases of university and regional development.

There will be project sessions in different formats for entrepreneurs, managerial debates for future civil servants, and sessions in the city audio podcast studio "Bank of Ideas" for media professionals. At the final strategic session of Businesslandia in October 2022, young professionals, together with regional experts, will discuss the specifics of the business culture of interaction between government, business, and the media using specific case studies.

Project participants will have the opportunity to practice the competencies required for their future professional activities, and also to get their first experience of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral communication aimed at the development of civil society in Russia.

Businesslandia is one of the four UNN projects to win the All-Russian competition. The financial support for these projects will total 5.4 million roubles.