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Two lectures focusing on ethical problems of biotechnology will be held on January 20 at the UNN Science Park. Andrei Mironov, Associate Professor of the Neurotechnologies Department at the UNN Institute of Biology and Biomedicine, will talk about methods for studying the brain, while Nadezhda Astashova, Senior Lecturer at the Philosophy Department of the UNN Faculty of Physics, will address some issues of the scientific research ethics.

The lecturers will discuss the future where better people will live and where, as a consequence, there will be less violence, evil, war, and disease. Scientists will offer the participants a contemporary view of the world which allows the most incredible transformations of the human and animal body. An ethical model that encourages such changes will also be discussed.

To take part in the event, you can register here.

Admission to the event will require a certificate of vaccination or a multi-pass. These requirements do not apply to minors.

Date and time: January 20, 18:30

Venue: UNN Science Park (10B Ulyanov St.).