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modulnuyu igru student odnogo dnya proveli v dzerzhinskom filiale nngu

The Web of Science citation database has included the review article "Which cell death modality wins the contest for photodynamic therapy of cancer?" by Lobachevsky University scientists from the Institute of Biology and Biomedicine (IBBM) in the ranking of the most highly cited publications in 2023.

"Immunogenic cell death in anti-cancer treatment is an extremely important research task. The UNN Institute of Biology and Medicine is not just at the frontier of world scientific research, we also summarize and compile the results obtained in such a way that it is both interesting and in demand for scientists all over the world.  Hence the high citation rates," said Maria Vedunova, Director of the UNN IBBM.

It is worth mentioning that in 2021, the publication of UNN IBBM scientists on the topic of targeted photodynamic anti-cancer therapy was also included in the ranking of the most highly cited papers in the Web of Science database.