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nngu nachinaet god s razvitiya sotrudnichestva s partnyorami iz stran sng i briks

In January 2024, Lobachevsky University signed 12 agreements with educational organisations from China, Iran, India, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

"It is quite remarkable that UNN's new partners are educational organisations from the countries that are members of the CIS and BRICS+. In 2024, Russia is chairing these two most important associations, and the implementation of the activities planned by Lobachevsky University will contribute to the development of academic cooperation, export of education and strengthening of Russia's position in the global research and education area," said Oleg Trofimov, UNN Rector.

UNN is planning to implement a joint bachelor's degree programme in ESG (ecology, social policy and corporate governance) with Changsha University (China) as well as research and educational cooperation in the field of NBICS (nano-, bio-, info-, cognito-, socio-technologies) with Anhui University (China). This work will be carried out under the Volga-Yangtze interregional cooperation programme.

One more area of Lobachevsky University's international relations will be the launch of network Master's programmes in English with Indian universities - Mewar University, Amity University, Rama University, and the Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya College of Engineering. At the same time, opportunities in the field of academic mobility will open up for UNN students - for example, internships at a branch of one of the Indian partners in the United Arab Emirates.

The network of Lobachevsky University's partner schools abroad has also expanded: currently, the Aubakirov Gymnasium (Kazakhstan) is one of the foreign venues for the qualifying stage of the "Future Researchers - Future of Science" Olympiad.  This year, the international track of this Olympiad will take place in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

Apart from that, the training of medical professionals is being developed successfully. Gomel State Medical University (Belarus) and Tehran Medical University (Iran) joined the group of UNN partner medical universities.