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The 11th edition of the European Universities Badminton Championship was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia between June 27 and July 3, 2017. The Championship was attended by 110 participants, including two sportsmen who took part in  the Olympic Games and many active athletes who play at a professional level,  representing 16 university teams from 11 European countries. The event concluded with the finals in individual categories, followed by the awarding and closing ceremony. Lobachevsky University was represented by Ilya Kamyshenkov, Maxim Lashkevich, Irina Shorokhova and Kristina Vyrvich. In tough competition, Kristina Vyrvich and Irina Shorokhova from the UNN Faculty of Physical Education and Sports managed to prove that they deserve a place on the pedestal. They took third place in the women's pair event and returned to Nizhni Novgorod with bronze medals of the European Championship.