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studenty nngu oderzhali pobedu v oblastnom ture olimpiady po biologii

Students of Lobachevsky University secured victory in the regional round of the Biology Olympiad. Students from other higher education institutions in Nizhny Novgorod also took part.

The competition was held in two groups:

  • Group A - undergraduate students with biology as their major subject;
  • Group B - students for whom biology is not a major subject (those majoring in medical biochemistry, medical biophysics, medical cybernetics, ecology, dentistry, general medicine, students of other faculties). Based on the results, 4 students from Group A scoring maximum points out of 50 possible will be recommended for the All-Russian round of the Olympiad.  5 winners from group B will be recommended on the same conditions. Both winners and awardees of the regional round of the Olympiad will receive additional points for admission to the Master's programme, as well as preferences for awarding higher scholarships.

In the individual rankings in Group A, the first places were shared by Lobachevsky University students: Yaroslava Chumanova (38 points out of 50) and Anastasia Ivanovskaya (also 38 points); Nikita Kurilov, with 37 points, came second; third place went to Kristina Kozochkina, a student of the Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University (33 points).

In Group B, Arina Vasilyeva of Lobachevsky University  took the lead. She received 45 points out of possible 50. Second and third place, respectively, went to Privolzhsky Medical University students Vladimir Bochin (44 points) and Valeria Feoktistova (43 points).

The UNN student team also came first in the team competition in Group A scoring 173 points. In Group B, the UNN team finished second with 177 points, and the first place went to the team of Privolzhsky Medical University

who scored 187 points.