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studenty nngu stali pobeditelyami stipendialnogo konkursa programmy alfa shans

Lobachevsky University students Dina Sattarova (Institute of Philology and Journalism) and Andrei Sarilov (Institute of International Relations and World History) have become scholarship winners of the Alfa-Chance programme. They will each receive 300,000 roubles, a paid internship at Alfa-Bank and the opportunity to learn from the programme's experts - business leaders, startup entrepreneurs and top managers of leading companies.
During the competition, students in their 3rd and 4th years of study present their achievements and plans. The winners receive a cash prize from the Bank and the opportunity for internships and training.

The programme helps them become the best in their field and start a successful career. The contest winners are selected by experts from Alfa-Bank, major universities and leading companies.

The competition participants include future programmers, mathematicians, economists, lawyers, biologists, architects, ecologists, chemists, and musicians.

"We are delighted that so many talented young people took part in the competition. Every year we discover more and more new names and give them a chance to be heard. We are confident that the participants will definitely realise their dreams and achieve their goals," said Alexey Giyazov, General Director of the Alfa-Chance Charitable Foundation.