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Lobachevsky University has shown a significant increase in its parameters taking 335 place in the world (a year earlier, UNN took 452 place).
More than 700 universities from 70 countries were ranked in 2018. The reputation rating of the world's leading universities is based on the data of a special study conducted annually by Thomson Reuters – one of the most authoritative sources of information on higher education institutions in the world. Since 2010, about 1,000 universities from around the world have become members of the RUR rating.
Universities have been comprehensively analysed by a system of 20 indicators. These parameters of the University activity in various areas include "Teaching", "Research", "Internationalization", "Financial stability", etc.
According to the rector of UNN Professor Evgeny Chuprunov, this rating is a vivid example of high evaluation of the University by the world community.
"The significant growth of the UNN indicators in 2018 once again confirms the high reputation of the University as one of the leaders in the field of education and science. An important factor in the development of UNN is its participation in the project to improve the competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the world's leading scientific and educational centers", - said prof. Evgeny Chuprunov.
According to experts of the RUR rating Agency, Russian universities have shown a significant increase in reputation among the leading universities in the world in the last few years. This situation is largely due to two factors. First of all, it is the complex effect of the competitiveness enhancement program, better known as "Project 5-100". Secondly, over the last 2-3 years Russian universities have started an active work to increase their brand awareness. This includes a multiple increase of international events held on the territory of the University, an increase of teachers and students participation in the international conferences, as well as many other measures.