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dvoe molodykh uchyonykh nngu nagrazhdeny medalyami ran i premiyami

RAS medals and prizes were awarded to two scientists of Lobachevsky University: Vasily Otvagin, Associate Professor at the Organic Chemistry Department, and Natalia Kuzmina, Assistant Professor at the same department of the UNN Faculty of Chemistry.

They became the winners of the competition in the field of "Chemical Sciences". Lobachevsky University researchers presented their project "Development of new generation multifunctional photosensitising drugs for photodynamic therapy of oncological diseases".

"As part of this work, new drugs for combination therapy of cancer were synthesised. The obtained molecules consist of several active fragments based on photosensitisers and targeted chemotherapeutic agents. The key feature of this research was to develop selective drugs showing selective activity specifically against tumour tissues. Thus, it is expected to reduce the overall toxicity for the patient's organism during the use of such drugs.  We also used some modern approaches of medicinal chemistry to design new drugs," said Vasily Otvagin.