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Prof. Giuseppe Passarino, Vice-Rector for Research and Technology Commercialization at the University of Calabria (Italy), visited Lobachevsky University to discuss cooperation between the two institutions. During his visit, he visited a number of UNN laboratories and met with Roman Strongin, President of Lobachevsky University, Viktor Kazantsev, Vice-Rector for Research, Alexander Grudzinsky, Director of the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, and Irina Leonova, Director of the International Affairs Department. The parties shared their experience in the field of research and held talks regarding the prospects for cooperation between UNN and Calabria University. Professor Passarino who is an expert in genetics and whose research interests  are focused on genetic variability, aging and longevity, also held a seminar for UNN students and faculty members on the problems of aging and genetics.

The visit of Professor Passarino is of particular importance for the development of the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Aging and Active Longevity, which was established at  Lobachevsky University in late 2018. The Center is headed by Professor Claudio Franceschi,  a world-renowned immunologist and gerontologist, principal investigator in the megagrant project funded by the Russian Federation Government.