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ghtdm.zIMG 0237On December 25,  the UNN Museum opened the exhibition "We are different, but we are together". Jointly with the UNN International Students Support Office, the Museum plans to introduce the university community to different aspects of life in the countries from which young people come to Lobachevsky University for their studies. This year's exhibition  is dedicated to the main traditional holidays. The colourful display is sure to resonate with Russian students, and it will be easier for young people who come to Lobachevsky University from 95 countries to communicate and find a common language with their Russian peers. Indeed, we are very different in our cultural traditions, music, household details, but at the same time we all have a lot in common. 

All over the globe, it is customary to spend the main holidays in the family circle: love and support of our relatives, friends, and loved ones is very important to all of us. Students from Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America have prepared an array of exhibits to introduce their fellow students, faculty members, university staff and guests to their home countries' holiday traditions and rituals. On the eve of the New Year, exhibition visitors can learn about the way the New Year is celebrated in India, China, Ecuador, Ivory Coast and other countries. 

Traditional cultures of many nations were on the verge of extinction and only in recent years, thanks to annual festivals such as the Tournament of 9 Provinces in Gabon or the Festival of the Sun - Inti Raymi in Ecuador, has it become possible to preserve the cultural richness and diversity. International students share recipes for festive dishes, many of which are quite unusual for those who live in Russia, such as roast guinea pig or iguana in coconuts. It is wonderful that we can communicate with each other, exchange thoughts and ideas and discover many interesting and unusual things!