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Admission period begins in April 2024

Step 1 Choose a programme and check the entry requirements

Choose your career path and major from Academic Programmes available at Lobachevsky University. If you choose a programme taught in Russian, you need to take the Pre-University Preparatory Programme or you must provide a proof of sufficient Russian language proficiency.

It is also advisable to check the deadlines found on each degree programme page.

See the list of Russian Taught programmes & and English Taught programmes

See the list of PhD programmes

Step 2 Apply for Admission

In order to submit the application please click here, register and fill in the form, uploading the required documents. If you need help with the application form, please watch the video below

Step 3. Get preliminary approval
Once our experts check your educational documents you will receive preliminary approval of educational background in compliance with a chosen program of study. 

Step 4. Pass online examination test

Pass online admission test. 
Admission test is taken through the ProctorEDU service in the online monitoring mode of the entrance test process (proctoring). 

The instruction on how to use the ProctorEDU service (eng | rus)

Note! To start an exam with proctoring, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the event and give permission to the conditions of the proctored exam:
● The participant gives their consent to the audio and video recording and further storage of the entire exam session;
● The web-camera of the participant must be placed strictly in front of your face, no cameras may be placed on the side;
● The head of the participant should be fully framed, and no partial or complete exit from the camera's view area is permitted;
● The face must be lit evenly and the light source must not be directed into the camera or illuminate only one half of the face;
● Hair, clothing, hands or anything else should not cover the face area;
● It is not permitted to wear sunglasses, glasses with transparent lenses are only allowed to be used;
● There shouldn't be any other people in the room; 
● It is prohibited to leave the workplace during the examination;
● There shouldn't be voices or noise in the background, preferably the exam should be held in silence;
● The exam should be passed in a browser with a full screen window, you cannot switch to other applications (including other browsers) or
minimize the browser, you cannot open third-party tabs (pages);
● The materials and content of the exam may not be recorded in any way or passed on to third parties;
● If an attempt to deceive the system or the proctor is detected, the results of the examination are annulled.

Step 5. Complete your registration

Once you have been admitted to a degree programme, you will receive a detailed Acceptance letter which clearly states the terms of enrolment and requirements for Master’s degree programme. If you accept UNN admission offer, you will be sent a Learning Agreement you should sign and send back to the International Students Office. The University signs 2 copies of the Learning Agreement, registers and certifies them with its seal. Afterwards you will receive one copy of the signed Learning Agreement by e-mail.

Step 6. Pay the tuition fees
Tuition fees shoud be paid before your arrival at the University. This can be done by bank transfer to the University’s account (you will find the account number in the Invoice). In this case you pay the fee under the registered study contract at your local bank and send a copy of receipt to the University.
Learn more about tuition fees

Step 7. Get an invitation and visa
In case all the recruitments stipulated in the Learning Agreement are fulfilled and your payment of fees is confirmed, the University addresses the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russia to launch the invitation process. The MIA issues an electronic invitation letter approximately 5 weeks after the University`s official request. The electronic invitation letter is required in order to obtain a student visa at the local Russian Embassy.

Step 8. Coming to Nizhny Novgorod
Now that you have completed registration, it’s time to prepare for your stay in Nizhny Novgorod. Visit the section on practical matters to learn more about housing, insurance, visas and other important matters.
After you obtain the visa and buy the plane (train) tickets to Nizhny Novgorod, please inform the University about the date of your arrival. On the additional request (please, contact your admissions officer), you can be met at Nizhny Novgorod airport or railroad station and guided to the University.
Students must come to Russia no later than one month before the expiry of the initial three-month visa in order to have enough time to prolong this student visa. The Ministry of Internal Affairs may refuse to prolong your visa if you come to Russia later than this date.
Note: It is a must to come to the International Students Office (UNN, build. 2, office 306) and to the Visa and Immigration Support Office (UNN, build. 2, office 305) on the first working day after your arrival in Nizhny Novgorod in order to be registered in the MIA.