• Analysis of nucleotide sequences, development of primers and hybridization probes, development of kits for specific amplification and detection of nucleotide sequences by PCR , RT-PCR, and real-time PCR;
  • Microarray: optimization of multiple PCR, development and testing of oligonucleotide microchips;
  • Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequencing;
  • Site-directed mutagenesis of cloned sequences;
  • Development by genetic engineering of E. coli and Pi с hia pastoris strains producing recombinant proteins for research and biotechnological purposes;
  • Various enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) detection systems with the use of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides.


Main results:
- Data about serum content and monitoring significance of a wide range of soluble forms of membrane molecules of immune system cells at infectious and oncological diseases;
- In human peripheral blood the soluble protein complex containing soluble differentiation molecules and histocompatibility molecules have been found. A concept of the network of soluble forms of immune system cells membrane molecules participating in immune response has been formulated;
- By genetic engineering methods the recombinant analogues of some soluble forms of membrane antigens have been obtained;
- The presence of a mRNA of some cancer-testis antigens in the blood of oncological patients at early stages of neoplastic process was shown. Biochips have been developed for revealing mRNA of cancer-testis antigens;
-Characterization of Fas mRNA alternative forms spectra in virus hepatitis and some widespread oncological diseases has been performed;
- Single nucleotide polymorphisms of genes that code membrane proteins participating in the immune response have been tested;
- Variability of nucleotide and aminoacid sequences of human rotavirus strains relevant for Russia has been studied; it has been shown that the strains belong to genotypes NSP4 А , В , С , with the domination of NSP4- В genotype.

Leading experts:
- Victor Vladimirovich Novikov, Director of Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Regional Ecology at UNN, Head of Department of Molecular Biology and Immunology, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor;
- Galina Anatolevna Kravchenko, Candidate of Sciences (Biology), Associate Professor;
- Dmitry Victorovich Novikov, Candidate of Sciences (Biology), Senior Researcher at the Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Regional Ecology;
- Natalia Arkadyevna Dobrotina, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), Professor;
- Nadezhda Alexeevna Novikova, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor.


-ABI Prism 3130 DNA genetic analyzer, Аpplied Biosystems;
- equipment for performing and registration of PCR, RT-PCR, and real-time PCR results;
- equipment for performing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay;
- Xpress Lane 003 personal miniplotter for chip printing;
- Biologic Duo-Flow Basic system for high-performance liquid chromatography, Bio-Rad.

Main partners and customers:

- N.N.Blokhin Russian Oncological Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
- M.I.Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy;
- I.N.Blokhina Nizhni Novgorod Research Institute for Epedemiology and Microbiology;
- V.A.Engelgardt Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
- A.N.Bakh Institute of Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
- Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy.

Key projects (sources of financing):

- The analytical departmental target program of the Federal Agency for Education «Development of the scientific potential of higher education institutions», Projects 4654, А 04-2.12-1094, А 04-2.12-549;
- The scientific and technical program "Development and practical implementation in public health services of new methods and means for preventive maintenance, diagnostics and treatment of oncological, infectious and other dangerous diseases" financed by the government of Moscow. Projects (385) 28/06-Gen- М , (461) 28/07-Gem- М , 28 (533)/08-Gem- М , 28 (592)/09-Gem- М;
- The scientific program “Universities of Russia”. Project z2865-04, UR.07.01.018;
- Russian Foundation for Basic Research project No.08-04-9709;
- Federal target program «Research and development in priority areas of science and technology». Section 29. Subsection "Developing the means for early diagnostics of cancer and technologies for determining the incidence of tumours". Contract No. 181.

Main publications:

- Novikov V.V., Egorova N.I., Kurnikov G.Yu., Evsegneeva I.V., Baryshnikov A.Yu. Karaulov A.V. The Serum Level of Soluble HLA Molecules and IL-2R at Urogenital Chlamydial Infection. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 2007 Vol. 601, P.285-289.
- Novikov D.V., Knyazev D.I., Babaev A.A., Novikov V.V. Strains of Рichia pastoris yeast–producers of recombinant serum albumin and CD18 and CD38 differentiation antigens. Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Biotechnology. Water and Foods”. Moscow , 2008, P. 408-408.
- Novikov V.V., Babaev A.A., Kravchenko G.A., Manakova E.A., Pashina L.A., Marnykh S.A., Karaulov A.V. Soluble associates of CD54 and CD18 adhesion molecules in human blood serum. Immunologiya, 2008, No.4, P. 220-223.
- Utkin O.V., Lebedev M.Yu., Novikov D.V., Sakharnov N.A., Ryaskova E.A., Karaulov A.V., Novikov V.V. Spectrum of mRNA of Fas antigen of mononuclear blood cells and serum content of soluble Fas in patients with severe burns. Immunologiya, 2008, No.6, P. 372-375.
- Novikova N.A., Ponomareva N.V., Novikov D.V., Prilipov A.G., Epifanova N.V., Golitsyna L.N. Analysis of nucleotide sequences of NSP4 gene in group A rotaviruses isolated in Nizhni Novgorod. Voprosy Virusologii, 2008, No.6, P. 35-39.
- V.V.Novikov, A.V.Karaulov, A.Yu.Baryshnikov. Soluble forms of membrane antigens of immune system cells, MIA Publishing house, 2008, 243 p.
- Novikov D.V., Belova T.V., Pegov R.G., Alyasova A.A., Knyazev D.I., Kontorshchikova K.N., Baryshnikov А .Yu., Novikov V.V. Frequency of А 1- А 6 mRNA detection in the blood of oncological patients. Klinicheskaya laboratornaya diagnostika, 2009, No.4, P. 25-27.


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